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Selected Portfolio


Paytm is a financial services company whose mobile payment and e-commerce platform offers a multitude of payment source and destination offerings.


BitPay focuses on blockchain payment technology for both businesses and individuals. BitPay has 3 million users of its wallet services and nearly 33,000 registered merchants worldwide.


ThoughtSpot is the future of how businesses will store and use data. Their data analysis tool allows company

leaders to quickly and easily find and apply daily information to make better decisions.

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Topgolf Entertainment Group is a technology-enabled global sports and entertainment community that connects people in meaningful ways through the experiences we create, the innovation we champion, and the good that we do.


Synexis’ Dry Hydrogen Peroxide technology uses a building’s humidity and oxygen to produce a safe, natural solution that cleans spaces without compromising our own environmental standards. 


VIA Motors specializes in the manufacturing of electric trucks and SUVs that spun out from Raser Technologies in 2010. It provides utility fleets, Exportable Power, electric vehicles for fleets, and extended-range electric trucks. VIA Motors was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Orem, Utah.


Eat JUST, Inc. is on a mission to build a food system where everyone eats well. The company’s world-class team of scientists and researchers leverage a one-of-a-kind discovery platform for food ingredient innovation and Michelin starred chefs.

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